From One Sensitive Creature to Another


Rachel Gilbert


I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them is my passion. I’ve been working professionally with pets since 2015, as a pet sitter and dog walker. I grew up with cats and a shy dog and volunteered at many animal shelters. I'm from California but moved to Boulder in August of 2017. I live with my boyfriend and our talkative kitty, Cleo.


I have a soft spot for all the sensitive pets I've gotten to meet and take care of. I’m a sensitive creature too and I feel in tune with what they need. There are so many shy dogs and they need extra patience and love. I grew up with one and she's the sweetest creature to her people. Once you win their trust they can be so loyal and loving. 

I offer my services to all shy dog owners out there who haven't found someone that you or your dog trusts. Your dog may be fearful of new people and situations and maybe you have difficulty leaving your pup alone or with others. I'm an advocate for shy dog's needs and know the healing power of loving relationships. I want to approach your dog with gentleness and love as I guide them towards a feeling of safety and fun. I’ll sit with them as they get used to me and test out if I’m safe to trust. Once we’ve developed a small bond, walks in their familiar places help to further our connection and have them get out of their fear-mind and into their exploring-mind. Dogs are smell creatures and I want to nurture this by following their nose on walks. At the end of our walk we’ll come back and decompress through cuddles, water and treats. I'll communicate to you all that I learn about your dog and help you meet your dog's needs. 

I have a lot of experience with dog walking and cat sitting, and have added in animal communication sessions after finishing a course at Psychic Horizons. I love seeing the bond between people and their pets, feeling the power of it and encouraging the further growth. I easily tune into behavior issues, help reveal the underlying emotions your pet is having and help figure out what support they need. I'm working on blending knowledge about animal behavior, massage, animal communication, nutrition, CBD and herbs. I look forward to meeting all the dogs in the area who are flying under the radar because of their fear of the world around them.

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