Maybe you've had trouble finding a dog walker that you and your shy dog connect with. Maybe your pet is fearful and you really want to communicate with him and help him feel safer. I can help! At Shy Dog, I take my time to get to know each pup and build trust. I help you learn what your dog needs and how we can support him. Each animal communication session and dog walk is embarked on with patience and love. 

Animal Communication Session: 60 minutes ($60)

Let's learn what your pet is saying! Has their behavior suddenly changed? Do they seem unhappy or scared? Or are you just curious about their feelings about the world and you? I specialize in working with sensitive creatures who are having trouble feeling safe in the world. I also communicate with all types of pets. I'll take my time to tune into what your pet is saying about their needs and help figure out ways to address them. I also love tuning into the relationship between you and your pet, as it's such a special bond, and seeing the gifts and love that you each are offering to the other. I offer in-home and remote sessions.

Dog Walks: 30/45/60 minutes ($25/$30/$35)

Tailored to fit your shy, gentle dog's needs. For the first few walks, I require a minimum of 45 minute visits as we're building trust. I take my time helping your pup feel comfortable and warm up to going on a walk together. Once outside, your pup's nose will lead the way for lots of mental stimulation. When we get back, there will be cuddles (to his comfort level) to decompress, and treats. Once your pup is comfortable with me, we can do 30 minute walks if desired. I do walk non-shy dogs as well and these walks can start out at 30 minutes.

Dog Hikes: 60/90 minutes ($40/$50)

I'll take your pup on an adventure to a quiet, on-leash hiking location. As with dog walks, I'll let their nose lead the way and keep them safe and comfortable. Hikes are a great way to tire your dog out so they can relax for the rest of the day.

Cat Visits: 30 min ($25)

I love cats and will take great care of yours while you're away! Whether you have a kitten, senior, lap cat, grumpy one or of course shy one, I'm comfortable with all. I will take care of all your cat's needs as well as bring in mail and water plants if desired.

Cat Visits: 30 min ($25)


Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette

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